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 Apollo started when some of the co-founders of a former wholesale brand, Vaporize101, decided to start their own journey in 2013.  Apollo was founded by a team of vape enthusiasts motivated to create affordable luxury in the dry herb vape space where high-end vaporizers are overpriced.

'The initial goal was to finally fit outstanding performance in a truly portable, small body. That's when AirVape was born, the thinnest true vaporizer for the best pocket-fit.' -  The AirVape Team


The timeline of AirVape

2013. Our early brand/logo:
2014. Old version of V101products 
2015, Spring. First AirVape:
2015, Summer. First Model to pose for AirVape:)
2015, Fall. Initial designs for the Xs
2016, Summer. First generation Xs
2017 January, XS Shell is realeased. 
2017, November. AirVape X hit the market.
2018, March. All AirVape X is now with X Shell included, the smell-proof protective case.


Thank you for being with us from the beginning and don't forget, Apollo is the only brand that keeps you up to date with upgrading you to the latest model with a fraction of its retail price, if you are an AirVape owner. 

Our promise is that we will never stop innovating!


Apollo Vaporizer Inc.,
11400 W Olympic Blvd, STE #267
Los Angeles CA 90064


p  (424) 293-3336

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